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What is your admissions policy?

When deciding which children will be admitted to pre-school we consider the following factors - Special Needs & Circumstances, Siblings, Position on the waiting list.

How do you deal with unwanted behaviour?

We encourage children to respect and care for others and strongly discourage any form of anti-social or aggressive behaviour. Problems are usually resolved by talking to the child and an apology is encouraged but not insisted upon. Any serious or continuing problems we will advise parents and try to work out a mutually acceptable way of dealing with it. We use Hertfordshire STEPS approach which is a system that works with triggers and preventing unwanted behaviour before it escalates by giving children strategies to use instead.

How do you promote equal opportunities including those with special education needs and disabilities.

Our pre-school respects and values each individual and believes that no child, individual or family should be excluded from pre-school's activities on the any grounds e.g. age, gender, family status, means, disability, ethnic origin, culture or religious belief. We encourage families to provide us with songs and traditions from their own cultures we can use in the setting and celebrate all festivals related to our children's faiths in the setting at the time.

Our pre-school has high regard to the DfES Special Educational Needs Code of Practice and provides appropriate learning opportunities for all children. Please see our SEND page.

How do you keep my child safe and healthy?

Safeguarding Children

All staff have an enhanced DBS checked and have to be registered with the update system to ensure their suitability to work with children. The staff in pre-school are trained to recoginse any signs of neglect or abuse in children and work closely with parents to prevent this. If for any reason serious concerns about a child's welfare arise and cannot be resolved the Pre-School will, under the guidance of the Children Act, inform outside agencies of these concerns.

Health & Safety

At Little Angels we promote healthy eating. The families are encouraged to contribute to snack time by providing fruit and/or vegetables daily. A choice of water or milk is given during snack time and water is available throughout the session. We also try to encourage healthy eating at home and during lunch club by asking parents/carers to provide a healthy lunch (pre-school is a NUT FREE ZONE).

The staff at pre-school do their best to ensure that all children in our care are happy and safe by undertaking daily risk assessments.

We understand not all children are confident about using the toilet and we are happy to help with trainer pants and are willing to change nappies if necessary. We recommend you provide your child with a changing bag consisting of nappies and a change of clothing.

Consent forms and passwords are used when somebody other than the main carer is collecting your child from pre-school.

Policies are available on request.

How do  I make a complaint?

If you are concerned about anything at pre-school please speak to the Manager. If you have a complaint about the Manager you can contact the committee (telephone numbers are available from the office.) If you are still not satisfied then you can contact Ofsted on 0300 1231231- our Ofsted Registration Number is EY544488.

Can I help out in preschool?

Parents and carers are as much part of pre-school as their children and are always welcome. Please feel free to come into pre-school and participate in our activities (you may be required to have an Enhanced Disclosure if you attend the setting on a regular basis.) 
We also welcome volunteers and regularly have students on placement with us. If you are interested in volunteering please contact us, you will need to have a DBS check to do this.

What is the EYFS

The EYFS a government guidance document setting out what your child should be learning at pre-school. Please see the leaning and development section for more information.

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